I use the first one or two sessions with my clients to conduct a thorough initial assessment that helps us identify together key needs and concerns.


This assessment is for me to offer you services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. This also gives us the chance to make sure that we are a good match. If for any reason we are not, I am then able to refer you to another professional.


The assessment is useful in identifying goals, duration and frequency of therapy. These can be reviewed periodically and adjusted as progress is being made.


Goals for Counselling: Our work together is a collaborative effort.  In our first meetings, I can help you set your goals for counselling, whether you would like to work on one or several issues.


Duration of Counselling: We can work together in short-term format (typically between 6 and 20 sessions) or open-endedly.  This can always be reviewed and adjusted as your goals/needs change.


I can also offer brief interventions in one or two sessions if your struggles are temporary or momentary and are not part of a bigger picture that needs more time to understand and work through.


Frequency of Counselling:  We begin by meeting once a week. However this is also flexible and can be increased or decreased based on your specific needs.


Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 56 371 2009