One-On-One Counseling

Once the treatment plan is agreed on after the initial meeting, we begin our work together.


In our work together, I consider my role as a facilitator, enabling you to explore many aspects of your life by talking openly, freely and without judgment in a safe and confidential space.


In individual sessions clients begin personal and psychological work that will allow them to understand their struggles more fully. In the supportive environment of therapy, clients feel they are more equipped to handle life's challenges, achieve their goals, and create deep and long lasting changes.


People seeking counselling often experience many positive effects from it including clarity and self-awareness, improved mood, and better relationships. Individual therapy can help you gain the awareness and skills needed to live a more fulfilling life.



I can help you with:



If you are going through something that I haven’t mentioned above, contact me and I will let you know if I can help you with it. If I can’t I will be able to connect you with the right person for the job.


Dubai, UAE

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