Eating Disorders and Body Image

May 1, 2018

Eating Disorders are complex problems affecting more and more people in our contemporary societies. They include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other feeding or eating disorders.


People struggling with an eating disorder often experience a great deal of distress around their weight, body-image, and food. It can also impact other areas of a person’s life.  


In therapy, I aim to go with you beyond the labeling and the diagnosis. We can work together to understand the function of the behavior rather than trying to force change it.


We put first your voice and your experience, helping you find meaning in it.


We can examine the multiple empowering and disempowering aspects of an eating disorder.


The aim of psychotherapy is to provide you with the open and safe space that is necessary to redefining the self. Together, we identify the negative talk that leads to feelings of shame and worthlessness.  And we shift from focusing on weight to questioning how can we maintain health?  How can we thrive in life? And how can we build relationships that are rewarding to us, including our relationship with our self?


Therapy can help us learn to listen to and trust our bodies, enabling us to find an authentic relationship with our bodies around food, movement, and health.

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